Gig Updates!

IMPORTANT UPDATE!! For fans of Steve Jones & The Garden City Hot Club: Beginning next Thursday July 3rd 2014, we will no longer be at The Shelden Grill, but are moving down the street to The Library Restaurant and Brew Pub, Houghton MI. Same time, 9-Midnight. We enjoyed a good 3 years or so of great times and success on the 7th floor and will miss the view…but we are looking forward to our new home at The Library, and we definitely look forward to seeing all of our loyal fans there too! I want to thank my buddy Cormac Ronan and The Shelden Grill for letting us play there and enjoy some great times and we wish them all the best! I will continue to play at the 7th floor with my boys from Fat Cow, Adɐm Johnson & Tım Havǝns every second Saturday of the month from 9-Midnight. Thank you to all of our fans who make our job the best job in the world! Love you all!